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Electrostatic Precipitators


For increased cooking particulars and odour filtration, JMC recommend an electrostatic precipitator (ESP), purpose designed for commercial kitchen extract systems.  ESP's can be either duct mounted or free hanging for the re circulation of air and can be used singly or combined for increased efficacy.  Manufactured from epoxy coated galvanised steel with filters and collectors easily removed for cleaning and/or replacement by the operator.

Used in conjunction with a JMC cooker hood the key features are:

>    <98% elimination of oil, grease and smoke particles

>    Sub-micron level particulate filtration

>     Ozone production reduces odours

>     Energy efficient to minimise ongoing running costs   

How electrostatic filters work:

  1. Air passes through a pre-filter

  2. Particulates in airflow are then -ve charged in the ioniser section

  3. -ve charged air then passes between collector plates which are alternatively negatively charged or earthed.

  4. The -ve charged particulates are attracted to the earth plates and stick, filtering them from the air.

  5. Particulates then drain away to sump or remain on the plates for cleaning.

  6. Cleaned air then passes through a post filter.

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