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Laser/Water Jet Cutting

Metal fabrication kent sittingbourne

For projects which require detailed, intricate shaped sheet metal components, JMC will supply laser cut parts.  This form of cutting produces square, clean and burr free edges with minimal heat input to the surrounding material. It is fast, quiet and highly efficient, suiting a large range of materials and creates very accurate results with minimal waste.


High quality laser machines providing a high degree of accuracy, ensures our clients receive a clean, accurately cut and quality component to fit straight into any fabrication/manufacturing process.



            Maximum sheet size:                   4000mm x 2000mm

            Typical machining tolerance:      +/- 0.2mm

            Max. material thicknesses:          Mild Steel:            20mm

                                                                    Stainless Steel:   15mm

​                                                                    Aluminium:          10mm

​                                                                    Brass:                     3mm

                                                                    Copper:                   3mm


Where material thicknesses are not suitable for laser cutting, we utilise water-jet cutting with a 4000 x 2000mm cutting bed allowing cutting of materials up to 160 mm thick.

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