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Packaging/Processing Machines

JMC’s team have been active in the packaging and processing industries for a considerable number of years having been involved with both designing and fabricating a range of differing machines.  Now specialising in sub-contract metal fabrication, JMC provide a full selection of services including, but not limited to, CAD drafting, laser cutting, folding, bending, welding and a range of surface finishes.


JMC will work with you as a team to control pricing, offer accurate delivery dates, reduce your in-house parts production and fill any replacement parts orders in a short time period to maximise your production time.

Our best customers repeatedly come back to us for more fabrication as they grow; that’s why it is important that we manufacture exactly to your needs at a competitive price.


Whether you need a simple machine frame or detailed sheet metal work with laser cut panels, make JMC your first contact point.

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